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Organize Your Office and Improve Productivity

Posted on June 12, 2022 by Ron Reginal

Each office deals with an excess of paper plus whether large or small, your company is suffering when you aren't working in an organized space.

So , how can you clear the clutter and obtain control?


The biggest issue with staying organized in an office is the fact that people set up a system and don't provide themselves enough room to grow.

If you have invested the better part of a day cleaning out the drawer and replacing the items within organized, labeled files, but you are unable to squeeze a single extra sheet associated with paper you've wasted your time as well as the unfiled papers will grow once again.

Be certain to have at least a quarter to some third (more if possible) associated with growing room when implementing a process. You may need to change over at some stage, but having some extra space can encourage you to keep up with the arranging.

This also goes for items such as system drawings or other products or even documents you may accumulate.

Set aside time for you to purge unnecessary documents. Not only can this provide more space yet will save you time that would otherwise become wasted looking through worthless documents.


Do not create your system too complicated or it will probably be hard to follow through. Color coding could possibly be the easiest if you do not have too many types. This is effective for systems which usually only require 'Income', 'Expense', 'Projects', 'Correspondence' or something similar.

For submitting of large groups of clients, tasks or invoices, use a single cabinet for each group of related files. The tall filing cabinet can even be separated into alphabetical or chronological techniques.

For items you refer to every day or even hourly you might consider a publishing board near your desk. It is a great idea for phone number lists, 'To Do' lists and appointment calendars.


A filing system is just as good as the upkeep. You may find this easier to have a small system of data files located on or near your table and daily or weekly exchange the items into their permanent home.

This too works for items which you need available such as current project information or even price lists etc .


Consider if you can realistically preserve a filing system. Perhaps tagged boxes would suit you better (especially if you tend to pile papers). The important thing is to find something you will feel at ease maintaining. If papers are categorized and occasionally purged, your system works.


Everything Should be assigned a home. By giving each product a place you will not loose pens, mobile phones, glasses and so on. Don't crowd the things or you will get frustrated. Recognize that all your efforts will help you run your business more proficiently, and thus productively. Reward yourself to help keep the system working!.