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Non-Disclosure Agreements

Posted on January 16, 2023 by Ron Reginal

Ever heard about non-disclosure agreements? Perhaps, you have heard them known as confidentiality agreements, or perhaps a similar term. In any case, how familiar are you currently using them?

Are you aware that should you are in a particular business, a non-disclosure agreement can spell the difference between your proverbial life and death of one's business, particularly, if your organization has employees, contractors or interns?

So, what exactly are non-disclosure agreements?

Non-disclosure agreements are thought as contracts that restrict the disclosure of confidential information or proprietary knowledge under specific circumstances. Put simply, a prospective employee or partner agrees never to reveal certain internal trade secrets in trade for compensation or other benefits received.

Generally, the word takes a non-disclosure period to cover enough time of employment or partnership, with the inclusion of yet another someone to five years following the employee's termination, retirement, or perhaps a partnership resolution.

My opinion is that there are several levels within most businesses which should incorporate some type of non-disclosure agreement, although most businesses don't achieve this. This is also true, whereby, internal creativity may be the proverbial life way to obtain the business.

Examples of businesses requiring non-disclosure agreements range between engineering firms to restaurants. And, talking about restaurants specifically, let me iterate on two personal experiences.

One acquaintance of mine, who owns a little Mexican food court that's very popular because of its unique taste inside our area, experienced somewhat of a poor impact of failing to have a non-disclosure agreement.

After doing work for him just a few years, one of is own employees informed him that she'd be leaving to be able to take some essential rest and time off.

However, after just a few weeks, he learned that she had opened an identical food court on the contrary side of town. Fortunately for him, he's got a good clientele from his years of operation coupled with top quality food.

However, having a non-disclosure agreement could have ensured that new competition, slight as it might be, wouldn't normally exist without some extent of legal repercussion and/or financial obligation on her behalf behalf.

Another acquaintance recently opened a bakery and deli, with 100% of her items being homemade. Naturally, this specific food eatery posesses special sentiment using its clients since a lot of our food that's purchased today is manufactured, frozen, then simply re-heated.

I advised her that, since her foods are homemade, and that her cooks must get access to and learn her recipes, she should immediately require each employee to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

And, because of her doing this, fortunately, she'll not suffer exactly the same fate as my other acquaintance in competition.

Incorporating non-disclosure agreements isn't so much about trust, or having less, as it is approximately protecting your organization and its own related assets. So, as a vested owner or partner, you ought not feel any amount of guilt because of their inclusion.

For more info on non-disclosure agreements, simply type the phrase, "non-disclosure agreements," in to the Google.com internet search engine.